New Work

I have been working on several new series this year. They include:

  • If Birds Wore Shoes
  • All Dressed Up and No Where to Go
  • I Really Don't Like Mud on My Feet
  • Waiting for Snow
  • A Great Disguise

  • Hope you enjoy these, as well as my more traditional work.

    Bird with Short Legs Bird with Short Legss Kiwi Bird Fat Bird with Long Legs Giraffe Standing on 2 Legs Giraffe Sitting Wearing Jacket Giraffe with Stripes Rhino Standing on 2 Legs Dog with Spotss Dog with Long Thin Neck Dog with Short Fat Legs Dog with Short Fat Legs and Long Body Pig Standing Pig Sitting Fat Cat with Pointed Tail Tall Moose Proud Donkey Laying Rabbit with Floppy Ears Zebra Giraffe Sitting Beaver Pig Sitting Wart Hog Bird with Short Legs and Large Beak Dog Poodle Sitting Elephant with 4 legs Dog with Small Ears Sheep Bird with Long Legs Cat with Long Body Llama