Artist Statement

Wisconsin is my home; art expresses who I am.

I love experiencing the four seasons, the way each day brings me a little closer towards something new. In many ways my sculptures evolve in the same manner, little by little, consciously and unconsciously before taking on a personality of their own. I love the extremes, the changes and unpredictability of nature in Wisconsin, something completely out of my control but pushing, inspiring and challenging me to create what I feel passionate about.

I am fascinated by the lines that objects create. Each sculpture is a new opportunity for me to create the perfect line. Simple shapes, graceful curves and textures define my artwork. I am impressed by the innocence and simplicity of children’s art, the boldness of Picasso, the massive abstractions of Henry Moore, the mystery of Georgia O’Keeffe and the sensitive nature of Claude Monet.

In college being an artist was only a dream of mine, it thrills me that I am living that dream. Clay makes my life as an artist possible. Through clay I interpret the world as I see it, as I want it to be; simple, uncluttered and joyful. I love the feel and enjoy the process of manipulating clay; pushing and pulling it as far as possible. My goal is to have each sculpture take on a life of its own, to draw people in, to make them smile and find something pleasing and calming in the simplicity of my work.

My husband and I, along with our dog KoKo, call Sherwood, Wisconsin home. Sherwood is located in east central Wisconsin by High Cliff State Park and Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin’s largest lake. The beautiful, natural surroundings are a constant inspiration for my artwork.